Nothing Is, Everything Is Becoming.

The essence of what I am trying to convey through my work is the understanding that we are all part of a universal whole. The "stuff" that rocks and trees are made of is the same as what makes up you and me. We are not a formed, complete entity, but a constantly evolving mass of energy, continually in flux. I have tried to introduce this sense through use of thick organic-like paint suggesting natural phenomena akin to nature.

From this format, humankind must be sensed, and is always present, although often in a fractured, disembodied way. The human biological form must convey a flavor, or poetry; if too evident, however, the spell is broken. I have found the complete elimination of the human form to be almost impossible, since the deep primeval motivation of the viewer is necessarily self-identification.

The solution to the problems posed in art lies in the realm of fresh thinking about perennial issues, in honest feelings and awakened spirit. When practiced in this spirit, art transcends the decorative function, returning to its ancient and sacred role of affirming the covenant between humankind and nature.

"Leaves are not more shed from the trees, or trees from the earth, than they are shed out of you." Walt Whitman, "Song for Occupations."

Steve Carpenter.